I wear a few different hats in the science blogosphere:

Clockwise from bottom yellow hat (because that one is so obviously a feminist hat): Angry Feminist, Unpacker of Bad Science, Metablogger on Academic Life, Science Blogger to a Broad Audience, Science Blogger to My Anthropology Peeps. The remaining hats will have to be worn by someone else.

So, I don't always know why you are here, which of these hats you prefer I wear, and whether you are a drive-by or returning reader, I am asking you to delurk today on our network's blogiversary to answer and do the following (inspired by Ed Yong and Drugmonkey, and suggested by the Blogfather):

1) Who are you? I mean your background, interests - why are you reading a science blog right now when you could be doing something else, like trying on fun hats?

2) What is it about this blog that brought you here? Do you use these posts in any specific way (i.e., arguments with your friends, readings for a class you teach, fuel for an upcoming appointment with your doctor)?

3) Help us get more people reading about science - pass on my blog, and others here at SciAm and all over the darn internet. Find out what they think. Let me know how it goes.

Simple, huh? Also, you need a valid email address to comment, but that's it -- real names not needed. I believe there's a bug in the system that allows you to even comment immediately upon registering without waiting for the confirmation email. Just remember my comment policy and we'll be all good. Can't wait to hear from you!