If you spend time reading Scientific American, you'll know the magazine does not tiptoe around controversial topics. The same is true for the 50-ish people who are part of the online blog network. I happen to regard this focus as a strength of both organizations, though not all do.

To that end I would like to clarify one point about our relationship to the mothership, as the more combative commenters on our blogs aren't shy to opine "I can't believe this cr*p appears in Scientific American," or variants thereof.

We on the Scientific American Blog Network are not edited, censored, approved, or otherwise filtered by Scientific American.

We network bloggers are independents who are granted the freedom to blog about what we want, when we want, with no agenda, no editorial oversight, and no set of directions about what to say. We write, we click "publish", and at no point does the magazine interfere. You may have noticed this lack of adult supervision from our... um... occasional spelling troubles.

Thus, if you encounter the inevitable point on which we bloggers err, your beef is with us. Scientific American merely provides the forum.