As I am sure you are aware, September 9th is International Rock-Flipping Day.

What's that? You don't know about Rock Flipping Day?

Well, no matter. It's the day when we find a rock, carefully turn it over, and photograph the organisms we find living underneath it. Rock-flipping day is a simple biodiversity exercise designed to give us an excuse to peep on our lesser-seen local wildlife. For those inclined to share their discoveries, Flickr has a Rock-Flipping Day photo pool.

Below, I blog what I found this afternoon.

I selected a suitable flat stone from the front garden.

Treasure #1: millipede sp. A.

Treasure #2: millipede sp. B.

Treasure #3: An odorous house ant (Tapinoma sessile) colony sprawled under half the stone.

Treasure #4: An ant cricket (Myrmecophilus pergandei) living among the ants.

The cricket hides away.

Treasure #5: A young woodlouse runs for cover.