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Cocktail Party Physics

Cocktail Party Physics

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Physics Week in Review: February 16, 2013

We're re-introducing a weekly feature, offering links to the most interesting physics-ish stories around the Web. (Follow us on Twitter @JenLucPiquant to get the links as they appear.)Earlier this month, everyone's favorite astrophysicist, Neil de Grasse Tyson, speculated on Twitter that Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, would weigh as much as a herd of 300 billion elephants (assuming it's made of the same uber -dense matter as neutron stars)...

February 16, 2013 — Jennifer Ouellette
The Sciences

Forensic Astronomer Cracks the Case of Historic Meteor Procession

It was a cloudy winter night along the northeastern United States in February 1913, so most people might not have noticed anything unusual around 9 PM, but for a lucky few with clearer conditions -- and a penchant for staring up at the night sky -- there was a spectacular display of a series of fireballs moving from one end of the horizon to the other, following the same trajectory...

January 28, 2013 — Jennifer Ouellette
The Sciences

Notes from the Firewall

Perhaps you've been hearing rumblings in the ether about physicists wrangling over black holes and something called a firewall: namely, that we should question our longstanding assumption that someone who crosses the event horizon of a black hole won't notice anything amiss until they near the singularity -- at which point they will experience what Caltech physicist Kip Thorne once dubbed "spaghettification."So if we aren't going to be spaghettified when we fall into the black hole, what will happen instead?...

December 21, 2012 — Jennifer Ouellette

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