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One Year on the Scientific American Blog Network

I started writing AiP in 2009. I was writing for you, Readers, of course. But I was also writing for me. Why? Kate Clancy said it best, Blogging is a selfish endeavor, a desire to be heard.

July 5, 2012 — Krystal D'Costa

Tetrapod Zoology 10th-Birthday Extravaganza, Part 1: 2015 in Review

Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Tet Zoo post of 2016. Regular readers will know that January is the month in which I review the previous year’s adventures, and I save these review events to January 21—this being Tet Zoo’s birthday…or anniversary…or blogoversary, or whatever. But January 21, 2016, is an extra-special birthday for Tet Zoo. Why? WHY? Because Tet Zoo is 10 YEARS OLD this month, that’s why

January 2, 2016 — Darren Naish

Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner