This video made me laugh harder than anything I've seen in a long time. Okay, except for some Louis CK videos. But for a non-comedian (allegedly)... this is hard to beat. Not that the humor is entirely intentional by the speaker.

I had previously seen the original video - of Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about Isaac Newton - but someone took this talking-head video by Big Think and turned it into comedy gold with one simple alteration: they slowed it down.

Neil Tyson himself shared the video on Twitter, calling it "simultaneously disturbing & hilarious." Sit back and enjoy...

Tyson also tweeted that his "geek daughter calculated that my slow motion interview is what the original looks like moving at 85% the speed of light" (due to relativistic time dilation).

See how much fun we can have with science?

Here's the original, normal speed, not-nearly-as-humorous video by Big Think:

And here's Neil playing the video for a crowd at one of his talks in Toronto: