This was a great little Thanksgiving treat. Granted, it's basically a commercial which is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a commercial, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

David Schendel is an old San Francisco friend of mine, a filmmaker whose award-winning documentary "Yank Tanks" - about classic American cars in Cuba - aired on PBS and the Sundance Channel. In between art films, David pays the bills with some corporate work. He sent me links to some webisodes he produced for Wells Fargo: "The Making of a Stagecoach Photo Shoot." And one in particular stood out for me.

It features the work of craftsman Doug Hansen who has, somehow, in the 20th - and now 21st - Century, made a living building horse-drawn vehicles. He strives for authenticity to the point of mastering the actual technologies used historically - blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, coach-making. And the vehicles are beautiful.

As I said, the video is a webisode documenting the making of a commercial photo shoot. But the glimpse of the leather strap suspension of the stagecoach, and the general attention to detail is wonderful.

And, if you have $20,000 to $30,000 to spare, you can have your very own authentic horse-drawn stagecoach, made with loving care in South Dakota.

Horses sold separately.


Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop