I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a ?. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Write, and Watch

? “Your abdomen explodes. Her gonads are erupting out from where your genitals are.” The most horrifying parasite you haven’t heard of.

Adorable/Interesting: So You Know, This Is How to Incubate Baby Cephalopods in a Soda Bottle

Jumping spiders are bringing sexy back, or maybe twerking

? Believe it or not, we’ve never had a real number for this (until now): How Many Cells Are In Your Body?

Get enough mirrors, and you can melt steel

On the psychology of online comments

Spiders who come bearing gifts have longer, more successful sex. Romantic arachnids

? A switch of just two amino acids lets this mouse turn scorpion venom into a painkiller

The oarfish isn’t even close to the weirdest thing you will find in the ocean’s depths

Good points, but I’m not sure I’m convinced: Why We Should Accept GMO Labels

? Ever have a lip ring that is actually a severed ant head? These bats have

Now that The Walking Dead has an infectious disease to deal with, the next episode should follow some science

Humans have no monopoly on moral behavior

“Doris Taylor doesn’t take it as an insult when people call her Dr Frankenstein.”

Science proves: In the Wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Twitter Was Full of Lies

Sweeping longread on how we have tinkered with the code of life, making aliens on Earth

Comprehensive longread about the great questions surrounding our favorite dinosaur

? Really well-written longread on why your brain needs more downtime

The Man Who Forgot Everything. Fascinating longread about the world’s most celebrated amnesiac

Watching water droplets levitating in harmonics of standing waves. TL;DR water’s got some moves

“A study of nearly a million girls eradicates anxieties about mass HPV vaccinations.”

When did we start believing in Martians? Why did we stop?

? When a NASA rocket fails, at least it leaves a pretty trail

How can we tell if babies have a sense of numbers? Watch their eyes

In all the caves in all the world, you had to be in this one, but that’s cool, because you’re a venomous crustacean

A comparison of different wolves and their sizes, for your lupine enjoyment

Science has a big problem with the part that makes it so great: Unreliable research

Even turtles get the bends, in their bones

Really great TED ED animation on the science of stage fright (in a lovely Tim Burton style)

? Take an amazingly disjointed (in a good way) journey, doodling fractals in math class

Why computing power used to be measured in “kilo-girls”

In which I am super jealous of Veritasium: 10 Facts About Great White Sharks

The great thing about science is that it lets us smash frozen Koosh balls

The sea creature that looks like an exploded kidney bean

? The science of reading shows that print and digital experiences are complementary, not adversarial

Why are bugs attracted to light? Actually, we don’t know

Nerdery at its Finest

The true point of the LHC is to make platypuses

? Data doesn’t lie: You should have picked Squirtle

The legendary Pokemon who has a real ancestor with the greatest antlers in history

You teach me and I’ll teach you! A phylogeny of all the known Poke?mon families

First-person Pokemon battle are much more intense

? So good: A Pokemon comic strip that is incredibly dark

Statistically, you shouldn’t switch in the Monty Hall problem if you want a goat

Seriously, don’t read the comments, listen to them read back to you

? What Superman 3 teaches us about computer programming

Gabe Newell is indestructible. Creatures you control get +2/+2, flying, and indestructible

Humanity will soon be outnumbered by the LEGO version of itself

Elbow rocket, now! Check out these amazing kaiju LEGO fights

? The best Halloween decoration is a quadcopter ghost

Again, quadcopters were simply made for Halloween

Re-titling sci-fi books to what they should be called

The final frontier is on your keyboard

“For this procedure, you will need at least one 8-Ball, which will be destroyed.”

Living on an asteroid where achieving escape velocity is as easy as dunking a basketball

The Star Trek facepalm collection

? STOP. Vader Time

Schwarzenegger does AMA, re-records their favorite lines for fans, because he’s awesome

GIFs and Images That Make You Wow

? Sneaky hungry sea lion

Spin a wet tennis ball just right and you model a galaxy

The horseshoe crab is like a beautiful engine turning over

? Time to look again at this glorious GIF of the goblin shark

This crow is smarter than me

? This owl is a total player

Here’s a moth pretending to be a wasp

Green pit viper is not impressed

Would you let a shrimp clean your teeth?

Undercurrents are damn scary. I imagine that’s why those signs on the beach are there…

You can’t really soak a sponge in mercury, just so you know

Adorableness break!

? My favorite GIF of all time, really: Barn owl in the snow

Ants: One size never fits all

Imagine if trees gave off wi-fi signals

Vaccines Work

Radial water freezing on a car hub cap

? Oh, vampire bats can gallop, by the way

Cruel, unusual, totally understandable. Damn squirrels

Pop Culture Happenings

? My 2013 Wildlife Photograph of the Year winner? “The water bear”

Between 1967 and 1973 there were 13 Saturn V launches. This video shows all of them

? A review of the DSM-5 as a dystopian novel

The Best Science-inspired Album Covers Of All Time

“The Secret” is bullshit but it comes out of a movement that has shaped American History

? Pacific Rim: Most awesome dumb movie, or most dumb awesome movie?

Christopher Hitchens: A legend for confusing reasons


? I think this art is inspired: The Little People Project

Where Did the Fear of Poisoned Halloween Candy Come From? From the media and one evil parent

Nebraska approves a study intentionally questioning climate change, scientists refuse to carry it out