Welcome to Basic Space. For those who read my blog before (all three of you…), this is going to be much the same, only bigger and better. For those of you who don’t have a clue who I am or what I am doing here, allow me to explain.

This blog is my attempt to take research about space and astrophysics and make it interesting and clear for people with any or no science background. I mainly write about recent research, but may throw in a few other things from time to time. See the end of this post for links to some of my previous blog posts for examples of what I do.

As for me, I have just (last Friday, in fact) finished a degree in physics at Imperial College London. In my last year I split my time between what seemed like thousands of lectures and a project in which I was looking for a decay that could tell us more about physics beyond the standard model. For my next move, I’ve decided to say goodbye to physics and pursue a career just outside of science: if all goes to plan, I’ll be going back to Imperial in the autumn to study for a masters in science communication.

You can find me on twitter (@kahoakes), visit my homepage or read articles I’ve written for Imperial’s student newspaper, Felix, if you fancy it.

As promised, a taster of Basic Space:

And a bonus Scientific American Guest Blog post I wrote last year: Habitable and not-so-habitable exoplanets: how the latter can tell us more about our own solar system

That’s it from me for now. Pull up a chair, make yourself at home and have a look around the new network. Normal service will resume shortly.