The last couple of weeks have been busy ones in my day job, because we just launched the new physics blog physicsfocus!

We have a whole range of posts already up, covering topics from latest physics results, to education and science communication. You can catch up with everything from our launch week here.

Readers of Basic Space may be particularly interested in Andy Newsam's post about the latest Planck results, Katie Mack's guest post about media misconceptions of the AMS result, and Scientific American regular Amy Shira Teitel's post on the future of space exploration.


An event I'm involved with also launched recently: say hello to TEDxAlbertopolis!

Don't know what Albertopolis is? Start here. Our blog will have more about the artists, scientists and rest of the community that is tied to the area in the coming months too.

I can't claim credit for most of the work done so far (you can see the team behind the event here) as I'm managing the social media side of things. So follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook... and come along if you're in London on 23 September 2013!


As a bonus: here's an interview I did with The Charlotte Observer about how I got interested in space and what I'm most excited about in the future.