[caption id="attachment_1217" align="alignright" width="211" caption="Eat, Move, Think: Living Healthy"]Eat, Move, Think: Living Healthy[/caption] While many of us strive to live healthy lives, the task can be daunting and the information overwhelming. Should we be more concerned with our diet or with keeping our weight down? How important is exercise? What kinds of diseases should we really be worried about? In this eBook, "Eat, Move, Think: Living Healthy," we've assembled a number of stories on what makes a healthy lifestyle, as well as some of the common obstacles to living one. Is diet the cornerstone of healthy living? In "Eating Made Simple," nutritionist Marion Nestle sums up what it means to eat right. Other articles discuss the efficacy of vitamins and supplements, the benefits of exercise and the dangers of addiction. Katherine Harmon's "Dangerous Advice and False Claims from Herbal Supplement Sellers" takes a hard look at how sales staff commonly perpetuates unsubstantiated claims by supplement manufacturers. Obesity gets a close (and sometimes humorous) look. In "The World Is Fat: Obesity Outweighs Hunger Worldwide," Steve Mirsky interviews epidemiologist Barry Popkin, who discusses how obesity is increasing in developing countries. W. Wayt Gibbs questions the "war on fat" in his piece, "An Overblown Epidemic?" while Paul Raeburn discusses "Can Fat be Fit?" We chose to include a chapter on diabetes. Like obesity, the rise in diabetes is to some degree a problem of modern lifestyles. The eBook closes with a section called "Stress and Mental Health," a part of the lifestyle equation often put on the back burner or ignored entirely. It includes "Meditate that Cold Away," and "The Social Cure," which discusses how joining social groups can reduce stress and promote health. The key to living healthfully is making informed choices, whether those involve the food you eat, where to live, your ideal weight or how to stave off depression. Armed with the right knowledge, everyone can live a healthier, and happier, life. Click here to buy this and other Scientific American eBooks: http://books.scientificamerican.com/sa-ebooks/.