Every year Scientific American staffers look forward to attending the Google Science Fair in Mountain View, Calif. We relish the sunny, warm weather; the chance to meet brilliant young scientists; and the opportunity to work with our partners at Google and at the four organizations that co-sponsor the science fair with us: LEGO, National Geographic, and Virgin Galactic.

This year, Scientific American sponsored two awards at the fair: the Scientific American Innovator Award, and the Community Impact Award. Krtin Nithyanandam, 14, took home the Innovator Award for his Alzheimer's early detection system. Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai, also 14, took home the Community Impact Award for her corn-cob-based water filtration system.

In the video below, Michael Voss, Scientific American’s Vice President for Business Development & Marketing, gives a tour of SA's booth at the Google Science Fair, which takes place on Google's main campus. At the booth, we greeting finalists, families, school groups and other passers by. The science demos were provided by Simon Quellen Field of Kinetic MicroScience in Los Gatos, Calif.