Vincent Pieribone, John Sparks, Exosuit and Mariette DiChristina. Credit: YouTube

Scientists studying marine life now have a new tool in a next-generation atmospheric diving system called the Exosuit. The suit–which looks like something an astronaut would wear and is on display at the American Museum of Natural History until March 5–lets a diver descend to 1,000 feet at surface pressure for several hours. As part of a series of Google Science Fair 2014 Hangout On Air Series, I chatted with John Sparks, curator and curator-in-charge, Department of Icthyology, American Museum of Natural History, and Vincent Pieribone, professor, Yale University School of Medicine; fellow, The John B. Pierce Laboratory; research associate, American Museum of Natural History; chief scientist, Stephen J. Barlow Bluewater Expedition. My favorite comment comes near the end, when Pieriborne says: “I’m just surprised everybody doesn’t want to be a scientist.” Find out why these researchers feel like it’s all play and no work in the video below.