Chris Lintott, astrophysicist of Oxford University and founder of The Zooniverse. Credit: YouTube

Find out why Oxford University astrophysicist and founder of The Zooniverse Chris Lintott believes that humanity’s ability to be “deliciously distractable” is a creative engine powering the benefits of citizen science for discovery–and how, if you are a researcher, you might like to “play with your phyiscs.” With Google Student Ambassador Hanne Paine, we had a fun Google Science Fair Hangout On Air that you can watch below. We talked about why Chris went into astronomy, what astronomers like him do and how The Zooniverse came to be. He spoke about some of his favorite projects (the astronomy ones, naturally)–but also included Whale.FM, created in a collaboration between The Zooniverse and Scientific American. During the video, you can see a live stream of the work being done by some of The Zooniverse’s army of citizen scientists–now more than one million strong.
Entries are now open for the fourth annual Google Science Fair–including a chance to win Scientific American‘s $50,000 Science in Action Award–until May 12. Students ages 13 to 18 are eligible to enter the global competition. Speaking as a judge, I just can’t wait to see what great ideas you all have for changing the world.