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Quantum Shorts 2014 Winners [Video]

Quantum Shorts 2014 Winners

The word "quantum" describes something very small but interest in the topic looms large for many of us at Scientific American. So we were pleased this year to partner again with the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore on the Quantum Shorts 2014 Contest...

STAFFApril 27, 2015 — Mariette DiChristina

Hangout with Kit Parker: Engineering the Body

When I told Kit Parker of Harvard University to think about explaining what he does to teenagers who would be watching our Google Science Fair Hangout On Air earlier today, he had a great answer for me: “My job is to work on cool.” Among Parker’s many “cool” research passions are understanding cardiac cell biology [...]..

STAFFMarch 25, 2015 — Mariette DiChristina
The Science of Learning and Trying

The Science of Learning and Trying

To really change the future of education for the better, we need a combination of creative vision powered by the social entrepreneurship of education leaders and teachers.

STAFFMarch 11, 2015 — Mariette DiChristina

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