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Behind the scenes at Scientific American


Scientific American Graphics Win 3 Bronze Medals at Malofiej

[caption id="attachment_1009" align="aligncenter" width="605" caption="Bronze medal award-winning portfolio of Graphic Science pages from the pages of Scientific American."] [/caption] Last week, the world information graphics community convened in Pamplona, Spain, for the 21st annual Malofiej International Infographics Summit and Awards, organized by the Spanish chapter of the Society for News Design...

STAFFMarch 18, 2013 — Jen Christiansen

New E-Book Takes Aim at Understanding Autism

The term "autism" comes from the Greek word "autos," meaning self, used to describe conditions of social withdrawal--or the isolated self. Around 1910, a Swiss psychiatrist first used the term to refer to certain symptoms of schizophrenia...

STAFFMarch 18, 2013 — THE EDITORS

Scientific American MIND Launches a New Home Page and Blog Network

I am thrilled to announce two big developments for Scientific American MIND today. We are launching a new home page,, so that fans of the magazine can find our print and online articles, as we ll as multimedia, in one convenient location...

STAFFMarch 13, 2013 — Sandra Upson

Inspiration abounds at SXSW Interactive 2013

Long known as an event for introducing groundbreaking Web sites and Social networking platforms, this year SXSW featured a few stand outs who provide the infrastructure and a platform that invite and inspire further innovation...

STAFFMarch 10, 2013 — Michael Thomas

The Banana That Gave Its All for Science [Video]

[caption id="attachment_884" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sarah Ann Anderson (left), Mariette DiChristina and banana get ready to do some science during a Google Hangout with Girlstart and the Google Science Fair...

STAFFDecember 21, 2012 — Mariette DiChristina

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