Well, since I hate the relentless (though entirely necessary) nagging of NPR fund drives so much I have refrained from mentioning the Science Bloggers for Students Fund Drive and the microscope sub-drive I'm running (and if you missed it the first time, go check out the cool videos here) since I first announced it. But the time has come to mention it once more: LAST CALL. And as a stimulus to your generosity, the staff at Donorschoose.org will be matching your donations from now until the drive ends at midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday, the 22nd -- TOMORROW. So if you were waffling, plonk that cash down now! Any amount helps! $1, $5, whatever. I know a lot of us are hurting in this economy, but science has shown that volunteering and giving to charity are not only worthy ends, but help increase your happiness too. It's win-win!

So far, we're up to $110 so far here at Amoebas for a Better Science Tomorrow. Thank you SO MUCH if you've already given! But if you ever play cards with me, you'll learn very quickly how competitive I am. Right now we're in the middle of the pack on the Sci Am leader board. Let's see if we can make it to #2. (#1 seems out of reach [shakes fist congenially in general direction of Jason Goldman]). Similarly, as a blog network, we're trailing the Independent Science Bloggers and the Ocean and Geobloggers. I can't resist the urge to try and chase them down at the finish line. Join me, and help out some deserving kids stiffed by short-sighted budget cuts -- and perhaps even inspire someone who will go on to change the world for the better -- in the process. : )

Click here to go to my donors page, read about some other readers who've given, select the microscope project that appeals to you the most, and give. You'll be glad you did. Promise.