Last week I was interviewed by Renee Masur of Sokanu as part of the "True Calling" series, which looks at people who have found careers (allegedly) doing things they love. I am definitely fortunate to be one of those people, although my path has been far from the norm. I get to meld anthropology with digital media AND I get to write about the things that fascinate me and share them with you here.

In hindsight, what I love about this interview is that it showcases my genuine love for this discipline. And I'm fortunate that I get to share a bit of that with you.

However, during this interview we don't talk about the other amazing scientists out there who are working to bring anthropological discussion to a larger audience. If you're interested in learning more, you should be reading:

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Patrick Clarkin

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The Primate Diaries

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For even more good anthropology reading, visit Anthropology Report for a comprehensive list of anthropology writers and their online spaces.