Now that you've filled yourself with good company and good food and you're settled on your couch, how about some light reading before the tryptophan sets in? I've assembled some of my favorites from around the web.

What did your meal look like? The New York Times has a neat round up of recipes from around the US. I think I have some room left for lobster mac and cheese.

If your meal didn't include turkey, that's not surprising. Many people add their own touches to this meal, and why shouldn't they? They're cooking for their families. Here's a look at how immigrants have customized the holiday.

It's definitely about more than just the turkey. These interesting insights from today's meal dynamics will provide some food for thought.

We all have that one relative who is bound is say something wild at the family gathering. One anthropologist has documented her family discussions for our perusal. (Do any of these sound familiar?)

What is it about food that brings us together? This piece examines the ritual of eating and meal times.

When you're motivated and ready to take a walk, you might want to consider the Wickquasgeck Trail.

Did you overeat? You probably said it's okay because you'll eat better tomorrow. But what's the true cost of healthy eating?

On that note, there's some truth to the saying "you are what you eat."