Part of my online life includes editorial duties at, where I serve as the Social Sciences Editor. Each Thursday, I pick notable posts on research in anthropology, philosophy, social science, and research to share on the News site. To help highlight this writing, I also share my selections here on AiP.

Quite a diverse collection this week:

  • Can a specially designed Speedo help you match the speed of a shark? If you're skeptical, you're in good company. Elizabeth Preston of Inkfish explains why we come up short trying to duplicate the physical qualities of shark skin.

  • Language can be quite telling about social norms. Ingrid Pillar of Language on the Move delves into some of the ways change is reflected in language in a Bavarian village.

  • Are you a city person or a country person? At Per Square Mile, Tim DeChant explores why the suburbs continue to draw people from urban centers.

I'll be back next week with more from anthropology, philosophy, and research.