ScienceOnline2012 is only about three weeks away!

The Program is set in stone, including the Blitz talks.

The main hotel is full, but there is still room in the overflow hotel. Save space (and your own money) by finding a room-mate, and/or carpooling.

Aside from the main Program, there will be many additional events and activities. For example, during the Friday banquet, we'll have a storytelling event organized by our friends at The Monti. There will be an Art Show, Open Mic night, a book/swag show and exchange, a Science tattoo trip, stand-up comedy (Saturday lunch), an art+photo nature walk (sign-up coming soon) and several lab/museum tours (info and sign-up coming very soon).

Some sessions and workshops require advance preparation (at least thinking), e.g,. the Media training workshop and Blogging Science While Female. One workshop actually will be by sign-up - Science Scribe 2.0. Come prepared!

Blog coverage is already growing - if you blog about #scio12, please let us know or just add your link to the wiki. The participants' blogroll is growing, as more people are slowly moving from the (enormous) waitlist into registration.

There will be good wifi, good coffee and food at all times. But we are still not sure we can afford the livestreaming, and still do not have sufficient funds for all the travel grants for students coming from far away. So we are still open for new sponsorships or donations.

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