Science Studio has a brand new website (what is it? Remember these: Introducing: Science Studio — The year’s best science multimedia and Science Studio update – and a new challenge). So, start nominating your favorite (or your own) podcasts and videos!

Last week I spent in Canada. First I went to Ottawa where I was one of the keynote speakers at the annual OCIB Symposium, organized jointly by biology graduate students from Carleton University and University of Ottawa. On the second day, I enjoyed some wonderful oral and poster presentations by students, and managed to see a little bit of the beautiful downtown of Ottawa.

Then I took a train to Toronto, where I gave another talk at York University (see announcements by John Dupuis, Glendon Mellow, Larry Moran, Jesse Rogerson and Edward Fenner). Both talks were (very losely) based on an old post of mine - The line between science and journalism is getting blurry….again - but updated for the 2013 environment.

After the York talk, we had the first inaugural Toronto Science Tweetup (search Twitter for #TORsciTweetup), big and rowdy and loud, which will hopefully become a monthly fixture. During the inter-weening weekend, I spent a day at Niagara Falls with an old friend of mine - a place my father visited in 1966 and always talked about, so this was, in a sense, my homage to my Dad.

I was quoted recently in Raleigh News & Obeserver (which does not quote me from an interview, but from this blog post) and in The Herald (Everett, WA), on two completely diffent topics.

Next - New York City again May 23-24 or so. Then SciFoo (June 21-23 in Mountain View, California) and WCSJ2013 (June 24-29 in Helsinki, Finland).