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Doctors versus Big Pharma : is it justifiable to judge research by its authors?

Doctors use different standards to judge scientific research depending on who funded it. They judge research funded by industry as less rigorous, have less confidence in the results, and are less likely to prescribe new drugs than when the funding source is either the NIH or unknown – even when the apparent quality of the research is the same.Those were the results of a study published by Harvard researchers Dr.

October 27, 2012 — Ilana Yurkiewicz

Mystery Micrograph revived, v2.0 chapter 1

Back in the good ol' days on Skeptic Wonder I used to run a little "Mystery Micrograph" series, where an image or a plate (that's not immediately obvious without context) would be grabbed from a paper and posted without source, and much agony would ensue over trying to figure out what it is (or some cheater who happens to work on the bug would drop by and ruin the fun ;p).

October 27, 2012 — Psi Wavefunction

Dinosauroids revisited, revisited

Regular readers of Tet Zoo - especially those who have been following things since ver 1 of 2006 - will recognise hypothetical ‘smart dinosaurs’ as a sort of Tet Zoo meme that have been visited again, again, and again.Much has happened since things started in 2006, and in fact I’ve since published a popular article on the subject (Naish 2008), as has Jeff Hecht (Hecht 2007).

October 27, 2012 — Darren Naish

Election: China Plays Big Role in Rare Earths, Too

Source: League of Women Voters With just over a week left in this year's presidential election, all eyes are focused on Ohio, Florida and a few other battleground states.

STAFF October 26, 2012 — Christine Gorman

What You Need to Know about Hurricane Sandy to Get Ready

Take a hurricane moving up from the south. Mash in a colder storm moving in from the west. Add a ridge of high pressure extending through the atmosphere above the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Greenland, blocking the typical flow of the jet stream.

STAFF October 26, 2012 — David Biello

Habitat Loss, Misinformation Spur Chimpanzee Aggression

As tens of thousands of refugees crowd into the area around Virunga National Park in the warn-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the animals that already lived there are getting squeezed out their native habitats.

October 26, 2012 — John R. Platt

Educating Players: Are Games the Future of Education?

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Smart phones, tablets and video game systems are often seen as distractions to school children in developed countries, which tend to adhere to a strict teacher-student educational model.

STAFF October 26, 2012 — Larry Greenemeier

An Emergency Room's Closure: A Community's Betrayal

View from St. Andrews' conference room. Note they have a dock and helipad, enabling access by land, sea, or air. Although I've been busy traveling again, the struggle of the Boothbay peninsula communities to keep their hospital remains constantly on my mind.

October 26, 2012 — Judy Stone

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