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uBiome: Ethical Lapse or Not?

By Dr Sam Illingworth, University of Manchester Today marks the end of the August flying campaign for MAMM, a whilst there will be a transit back to the UK tomorrow (as well as hopefully some methane measurements over the off shore oil rigs in the North Sea), today’s flights are the last to be making [...]..

August 25, 2013 — Michelle Cain

Simulated Surgery

Video of the Week #104, August 8th, 2013: From: Sharing Worlds, Seeing Differently by Roger Kneebone at Guest Blog. Source: Jamie’s Dream School Simulation is a mainstay of training in medicine, but has been restricted until quite recently to clinicians...

August 8, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

Hearts of Stone: Sexual Deviants in Antiquity

Paraphilias change with the times—and with the materials at hand. One of the reasons that completely new forms of sexual deviancy continue to emerge, while others vanish, is the fact that, as society changes, so too do the cultural factors upon which sexual imprinting occurs...

August 8, 2013 — Jesse Bering

Replace the Med School Interview with fMRI: A Modest Proposal

A fashion faux pas almost prevented me from getting into my dream medical school. Midway through the interview there, the interviewer pointed to my left earlobe and said, “Do you really think we accept men who wear … those things?” I had no idea what he was talking about at first, but then remembered the [...]..

August 8, 2013 — Tim Lahey

Sharing Worlds, Seeing Differently

Every field of expertise becomes routine to those who work in it. The first time I went into the operating theatre as a medical student, everything was strange and scary.

August 7, 2013 — Roger Kneebone

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