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The Mind of the Prodigy

Prodigies dazzle us with their virtuoso violin concertos, seemingly prescient chess moves, and vivid paintings. While their work would be enough to impress us if they were 40, prodigies typically reach adult levels of performance in non-verbal, rule-based domains such as chess, art, and music before the age of 10...

February 10, 2014 — Scott Barry Kaufman

How Many More Coal Ash Spills?

What is the largest type of trash produced in the U.S.? It’s not whatever you’re thinking, most likely. It’s coal ash. Burning coal produces more than 100 million metric tons of coal ash per yearthe gray or black sooty aftermath of our fossil fuel habit...

February 10, 2014 — David Biello

Scientific American at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Since 1845, Scientific American has covered the innovations that sit at the nexus of science, business and policy. In its early years, as the Industrial Revolution swept across the U.S., our pages were rife with the focus and expectation that humans inventiveness would ease humankinds labors and improve the world...

STAFFFebruary 9, 2014 — Mariette DiChristina

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