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Remember It Well: A New Type of On-Switch for Memory

Nicotine enhances the ability to focus and remember. The alkaloid acts in a similar manner to the brain's own signaling molecule, acetylcholine. It interacts with eponymous receptors on the surface of nerve cells to regulate signaling in the brain.The role of the nicotinic-acetylcholine receptors throughout the central nervous system is so wide-ranging that new discoveries about the molecule continue apace...

STAFFNovember 2, 2012 — Gary Stix

Does Sandy Mean We Should Have Fewer Nukes, or More?

I've been trying to come up with something to say about Sandy that hasn't already been asserted and questioned and reasserted and so on. So I thought I'd talk about how nuclear plants weathered the storm.As I mentioned in a previous post, environmentalists in my hometown and throughout New York want to permanently close the Indian Point nuclear plant, which they see as a potential "Fukushima on the Hudson," as the green group Riverkeeper put it...

November 2, 2012 — John Horgan

We dodged the apocalypse, so let's help some classrooms.

We're coming into the home stretch of our annual DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students drive: Science Bloggers for Students: No Apocalypse in Sight (Transcript below) And, now until the end of the drive, you can get your donations matched (up to $100 per donor) thanks to the generosity of the Board of Directors...

November 1, 2012 — Janet D. Stemwedel

My appeal to you for Donors Choose 2012

Our public education system is in straits. Regrettably we have to host fundraisers to get basic supplies and equipment to help many classrooms. For students in advanced grades or subjects, funds are needed to bring relevant science and engineering lessons to them...

November 1, 2012 — DNLee

Diving rats

Video of the Week #67 November 1st, 2012: From: Did NYC rats survive hurricane Sandy? by Bora Zivkovic at A Blog Around The Clock . Source: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, much speculation was aired about the effect of the storm on New York City rats, especially those living in the subway and the sewers...

November 1, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Talking Up Science With The Naked Scientists

Posted on behalf of Alan Boyd. This post is adapted from Alan's writing at the Medical Research Council's Insight . -- In the world of science podcasting, few shows can boast the longevity, volume and quality of content of the University of Cambridge’s Naked Scientists ...

STAFFNovember 1, 2012 — Khalil A. Cassimally

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