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“New Beginnings” in Comic Form

Here at Symbiartic, we’re exploring themes from the perspectives of a fine artist (Glendon), a scientific illustrator (Kalliopi), and a science comic (moi).

February 25, 2015 — Katie McKissick

Do Spayed and Neutered Dogs Get Cancer More Often?

Where I live, in America, it’s taken for granted that responsible owners spay or neuter their dogs. The population of homeless animals is still large enough that risking an unwanted litter is, to many owners, unthinkable...

February 25, 2015 — Jessica P. Hekman

Shelter dogs are helping scientists sniff out world's rarest gorillas

I think we can all agree that dogs are great at everything. Except being bad friends, they're terrible at that. They're especially great at having jobs, and increasingly, researchers are realising their potential as wildlife scouts to help them track down the struggling species that (understandably) are doing their best to stay hidden...

February 24, 2015 — Bec Crew

Effective Communication, Better Science

Science communication is part of a scientist's everyday life. Scientists must give talks, write papers and proposals, communicate with a variety of audiences, and educate others.

February 24, 2015 — Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer

Amur Leopard Population Booms…to 57

The world's rarest big cats have become ever-so-slightly less rare over the past decade. According to a census released this week, there are now at least 57 Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) in Russia...

February 24, 2015 — John R. Platt

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