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Curved TV and Smartphones: Gimmick or Gadget Godsend?

Moviegoers have long been familiar with the benefits of viewing content on a curved screen. The screen's curvature equalizes the distance that light from the projector must travel, enhancing resolution and brightness while eliminating distortion...

January 8, 2015 — Larry Greenemeier

Neutrinos on Ice: Launching the Balloon

Editor's Note: Welcome to ANITA, the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna! From October to December, Katie Mulrey is traveling with the ANITA collaboration to Antarctica to build and launch ANITA III, a scientific balloon that uses the entire continent of Antarctica for neutrino and cosmic ray detection...

January 7, 2015 — Katie Mulrey

Naked Mole Rat Self-Esteem

January is weird. We make resolutions (or at least are told we should be doing so) with the aim of bettering ourselves, and we’re marketed a slew of diets, fitness club memberships, and exercise equipment to lose our holiday weight, so it all takes on a negative tone pretty fast...

January 7, 2015 — Katie McKissick

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The Essential Guide to the Modern World

The Essential Guide to the Modern World