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Is wisdom in the brain?

Some of us look for wisdom in the Bible, Plato or at Grandma's knee. Dilip Jeste and his colleague Thomas Meeks are searching for it in the brain.

Jeste and Meeks, both geriatric psychiatrists at the University of California, San Diego, hypothesize in the Archives of General Psychiatry that wisdom, or at least the execution of its attributes, can be found in the brain's primitive limbic system as well as its more evolutionarily advanced prefrontal cortex...

April 6, 2009 — Jordan Lite

April Fools' Day answers

As several readers correctly answered in response to yesterday's April Fools Day blog quiz, the one real story was (drum roll…) the mind-reading robot!

April 2, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

April fools gets geeky: Can you spot the genuine story?

Did any of this year's April Fools Day gags get your goose? Test your nerd knowledge by pinpointing the actual story below. (Props to TechCrunch for pulling together an impressive fools list.)

Cloud computing in the sky
In an effort to keep cloud computing moving at the speed of light, Amazon Web Services has introduced Floating Amazon Cloud Environment (FACE)...

April 1, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

Massive lions prowled North America not so long ago

Large lions roamed North America and Europe as recently as 13,000 years ago, according to a new study published in Molecular Ecology . "These ancient lions were like a super-sized version of today's lions, up to 25 percent bigger," study co-author Ross Barnett, a researcher at the Ancient Biomolecules Centre at the University of Oxford's department of zoology, said in a statement...

March 30, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

Depression screens needed for teens

All teens should be screened for depression, even if they don’t necessarily show signs of the blues, an influential government panel is recommending, noting that the majority of afflicted teens aren’t diagnosed or treated even though there are effective therapies...

March 30, 2009 — Jordan Lite

What are video games good for? Possibly improving eyesight

People who have difficulty seeing traffic lights or cars at night,  facial gestures, or when a flame is burning on a stove often suffer from poor contrast sensitivity, a condition thought to be correctable, if at all, only by eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery...

March 29, 2009 — Larry Greenemeier

Psychotherapists trying to "treat" patients for homosexuality

One in 25 British psychiatrists and psychologists say they would be willing to help homosexual and bisexual patients try to convert to heterosexuality, even though there is no compelling scientific evidence a person can willfully become straight, and trying to force them to do so can cause serious psychological damage, researchers report this week in BMC Psychiatry ...

March 26, 2009 — Coco Ballantyne

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