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All about me: Ability to read one's own facial expressions may be sign of emotional health

SAN FRANCISCO—We may all have a little bit of Narcissus in us. If the mythological figure were a modern-day pretty boy—say a Brad Pitt or a Matt Damon--a neuroscientist might interpret the infatuation with self not as a tragic flaw, but rather as a normal manifestation of the functioning of the superior temporal sulcus, the inferior frontal gyrus or some other brain structure lifted straight out of TV's Grey’s Anatomy ...

March 23, 2009 — Gary Stix

Does religion lead to more aggressive medical care?

Terminally ill cancer patients who lean heavily on religion to deal with their disease are about three times more likely than others in their shoes to receive aggressive treatment during their final days, according to a new study...

March 18, 2009 — Coco Ballantyne

Does the fountain of youth lie in the naked mole rat?

Naked mole rats—hairless, sausagelike rodents that live in burrows beneath the arid soils of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia—have a remarkable ability to resist aging.  Scientists are getting closer to understanding why these animals grow old with such grace, and they hope their findings will lead to therapies for staving off age-related ailments...

March 12, 2009 — Coco Ballantyne

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