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Should Car Ads Be Banned?

Never happen.But maybe they should be.A look at the ubiquitous aggressive driver in Psychology & Marketing, shows that he (more than she) tends to view a vehicle as an extension of The Self...

October 19, 2011 — Gary Stix

Quantum Levitation

Video of the Week #13, October 19, 2011 From: Quantum Levitation-where science videos don't get any cooler! by Joanne Manaster at PsiVid Source of the original: Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) and Tel-Aviv University...

October 19, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Cerebral Palsy Challenger

I have been taking part in a fundraising drive raising money for people with cerebral palsy called ‘The Cerebral Palsy Challenge’. I have been wearing a pedometer for the last few weeks with the aim of walking the equivalent number of steps it would take to climb Mt...

October 19, 2011 — James Byrne

#SciAmBlogs Tuesday - The Pill, Hump Day, Sherlock Holmes and more.

Sorry for the delay! I just flew back from the wonderful Science Writers meeting (check out official coverage) and then promptly crashed and slept 12 hours straight.Now back in the saddle, I ask you to check out the new Image of the Week over on the right hand side...- Jennifer Frazer - The Story of Spigelia genuflexa, or, Why Biology Needs YOU - Scicurious - The Pill and Relationship Satisfaction, aka the power of interpretation - Melissa C...

STAFFOctober 19, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

The Metamorphosis

Image of the Week #13, October 18, 2011:
From: Friday Fodder, October 14, 2011 by Jennifer Ouellette at Cocktail Party Physics ...

October 19, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Monday - Girlybits 101, tree kangaroos, and that seductive look...

Happy Monday. See what great stuff the bloggers posted over the weekend and today:- Davide Castelvecchi - On the Physics Nobels, The Atlantic Gets Dark Energy All Wrong and ‘We Hate Math,’ Say 4 in 10 — a Majority of Americans - Bora Zivkovic - BIO101 – Origin of Biological Diversity and #scio11 – Visual Storytelling - Michelle Clement - Girlybits 101, now with fewer scary parts! - S.E...

STAFFOctober 17, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

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