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Open Laboratory 2013 - submissions so far

It is now expected by the science blogosphere that I post the full updated listing of all the submissions every Monday morning. This serves as a reminder for bloggers to submit their (and other people’s) posts, and to some extent prevents duplicate entries...

STAFFApril 9, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Friday - near-death on Titanic, invention of modern physics, PIN numbers, lousy social networks, planet-eating stars, and more.

Have a great weekend!- Jennifer Ouellette - Titanic and the Science of Near-Death Experiences - Alan Woodward - How Safe Is Your Mobile? - Gennady Gorelik - How the Modern Physics was invented in the 17th century, part 1: The Needham Question - Christie Wilcox - Parasite Insights: Using Lice To Map Socialization - David Bressan - April 6, 2009: The L´Aquila Earthquake - Glendon Mellow - Dinosaur Couture Should Be Open to All - Jennifer Frazer - Could a Mystery Virus be the Culprit in Kawasaki Disease? - Caleb A...

STAFFApril 6, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

What Can an Octopus Teach Us About National Security? A Q&A with Ecologist Rafe Sagarin

Octopuses possess camouflage abilities that put some of our military's best high-tech efforts to shame. And their flexible, intelligent arms are the envy of roboticists and artificial intelligence engineers worldwide.But these animals, which have evolved over hundreds of millions of years, can teach us even more about security in the 21st century than camo and communications, Rafe Sagarin argues in his new book Learning from the Octopus: How secrets from nature can help us fight terrorist attacks, natural disasters and disease (Basic Books, April 2012).Sagarin suggests we take cues from octopuses and other organisms in the natural world to make our responses to all kinds of threats—from sophisticated terrorist cells to emerging infections—more robust and adaptable.Sagarin is a research scientist at the University of Arizona's Institute of the Environment...

April 5, 2012 — Katherine Harmon

Come here for all your EB 2012 News!

Well, all the ASPET news anyway. Sci is this year's official blogger for the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, which will be having its major meeting at Experimental Biology, 2012, in San Diego starting on April 20th...

April 5, 2012 — Scicurious

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Depressed by Our Devices?

Depressed by Our Devices?

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