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De Loys' Ape

Louis François Fernand Hector de Loys , (1892-1935) was a Swiss geologist and pioneer of oil field prospection in Europe, Africa and America. Unfortunately de Loys is today less known for his geological work than for a story involving a strange photography.In 1920 a bunch of exhausted men reached the bank of the Tarra River , a tributary of the Rio Catatumbo , located in the borderlands of Venezuela and Colombia...

October 7, 2012 — David Bressan

A Post-PBS Educational Television Landscape

With the latest tirade against the Public Broadcast Service (PBS) by republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the first debate, it is worth to look at a world without PBS through children's eyes...

October 6, 2012 — Kevin Zelnio

Bora's Picks (October 5th, 2012)

Artist’s masterpiece is a load of garbage by Laura Geggel: On her plane ride from New York to Kenya, Asher Jay imagined the untamed safari awaiting her—lions with snarled manes and wrinkled rhinos covered in a coat of dust...

STAFFOctober 5, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

African Spiny Mice Regenerate Missing Body Parts la Salamanders

Many species of starfish relish oysters, clams and other shellfish, much to the chagrin of fishermen who watch over oyster beds and farms. Legend has it that oyster fishermen used to dispose of any starfish they dredged up by cutting the creatures in half and tossing them back into the ocean...

STAFFOctober 5, 2012 — Ferris Jabr

Ayn Rand on Human Nature

“Every political philosophy has to begin with a theory of human nature,” wrote Harvard evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin in his book Biology as Ideology .

October 5, 2012 — Eric Michael Johnson

ADHD and circadian rhythm

And we're BACK to our regularly scheduling blog-gramming. The Ignobels were fantastic fun, but now we need to wait yet another sad, solemn year before we celebrate the scientifically entertaining...

October 4, 2012 — Scicurious

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