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#SciAmBlogs Wednesday - food, tweets in space, trepanation, bird flu, solar-powered catamaran and more.

 - Diana Gitig - Having Your Meat and Eating it, Too? - Scicurious - High fat diets and depression: a look in mice - Robynne Boyd - Spring’s First Harvest: local organic produce - Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Lali Derosier and Best of April at A Blog Around The Clock - Bora Zivkovic - Introducing: Natalie Wolchover - Khalil A...

STAFFMay 3, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Having Your Meat and Eating It, Too?

I do not have a problem recognizing that we are at the top of the food chain – I think that it is no more wrong for us to eat meat than it is for lions or wolves to do so.

May 2, 2012 — Diana Gitig

Visionary or Vision-Impaired? Lovelock Is Both

Just because someone has had some brilliant ideas, it doesn’t mean every word he utters shines with truth. Let’s keep that in mind in the furor about James Lovelock, inventor of Gaia theory...

May 1, 2012 — Melanie Lenart

Fight the Peril!

Image of the Week #40, April 30th, 2012:
From: 6 Sources of Free Images for Science Blogging by Alex Wild at Compound Eye Source: NIH Images from the History of Medicine Historically, more soldiers fall prey to disease than are killed by injuries sustained during combat...

May 1, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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