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Parasite in your brain

Video of the Week #60 September 11th, 2012: From: Brain Parasites, California s Hidden Health Problem by Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato at the Guest Blog .

September 11, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Tuesday - brain on internet, bad medical reporting, kids' brain scans, unrestricted wolf hunting, invisible QR codes, and more.

- Kyle Hill - This is Your Brain on the Internet (Maybe)  - Christie Wilcox - Scientists play a large role in bad medical reporting  - Joris van Alphen - Mount Kinabalu: First Sight of the Summit  - Melissa Pandika - Surprise Valley: Down and Dirty in the Field  - Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2012 – interview with David Ng  - Kalliopi Monoyios - SciArt of the Day: What’s Under the Hood?  - Ingrid Wickelgren - Scientists Scan Children’s Brains for Answers to Mental Illness  - John R.

STAFFSeptember 11, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Scientists Scan Children s Brains for Answers to Mental Illness

A girl lies inside a simulator of a brain scanner at The Child Mind Institute, to practice for the real thing. Courtesy of Tobias Everke. In a room tucked next to the reception desk in a colorful lobby of a Park Avenue office tower, kids slide into the core of a white cylinder and practice something kids typically find quite difficult: staying still.

September 11, 2012 — Ingrid Wickelgren

This Is Your Brain on the Internet (Maybe)

Headlines like “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” or “Is the Internet Making Us Dumber?” quite clearly show that people are concerned about what the Internet is doing to our cognition.

September 11, 2012 — Kyle Hill

#SciAmBlogs Monday - creativity, competition, chimps in Uganda, Romney on climate, Russian ice-breakers, anti-obesity, iGnobels and more.

I hope you enjoy the new Image of the Week! - Samuel McNerney - Correcting Creativity: The Struggle for Eminence  - Eve Conant - Breaking the Ice: Russian nuclear-powered ice-breakers  - Amr Abouelleil - Anti-Obesity is not the New Homophobia  - Russ Campbell - Science Communications as Knowledge Marketing and Killing the News Release  - Scicurious - When it comes to competition, the anterior cingulate does it best.  - David Wogan - Mitt Romney gets climate change – wait, just kidding!  - Joris van Alphen - Mystery of the Mountain  - Maureen McCarthy - Chimps in Uganda: Two weeks and counting….  - Katherine Harmon - How Do You Count Giant Octopuses?

STAFFSeptember 10, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Chimps in Uganda: Two weeks and counting .

Photo: Maureen McCarthy In a mere two weeks, I’ll head back to Uganda for a year to collect data for my PhD thesis. For one year, I’ll collect data on chimpanzees in forest fragments, small patches of forest that remain amid a sea of human-altered landscape.

September 10, 2012 — Maureen McCarthy

Correcting Creativity: The Struggle for Eminence

By the time he put the finishing touches on the Rite of Spring in November of 1912 in the Châtelard Hotel in Clarens, Switzerland, Stravinsky had spent three years studying Russian pagan rituals, Lithuanian folk songs and crafting the dissonant sacre chord, in which an F-flat major combines with an E-flat major with added minor seventh.

September 10, 2012 — Samuel McNerney

Gamma-Ray Flashes

Image of the Week #59, September 10th, 2012:
From: The Evolution of a Scientific American Information Graphic: Gamma-Ray Flashes by Jen Christiansen at @ScientificAmerican .

September 10, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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