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Best Evidence for Brain Training Falls Short

Market researcher SharpBrains has predicted that the brain fitness industry will range anywhere from $2 billion to $8 billion in revenues by 2015.That's a wide swath, but the companies that sell brain-tuning software could conceivably hit at least the low end of their sales target by then.The question that persists is whether any of these games and exercises actually enhance the way your brain works, whether it be memory, problem solving or the speed with which you execute a mental task.

STAFFSeptember 25, 2012 — Gary Stix

#SciAmBlogs Monday - IgNobels, medical research funding, gender bias in science, flesh-eating bacteria, bioluminescing fungi, and more.

Monday! Time for the new Image of the Week! - Jalees Rehman - Can the Source of Funding for Medical Research Affect the Results?  - Bob Grumman - M@h*(pOet)?ica – Louis Zukofsky’s Integral  - Marc Kuchner - We Are All Politicians Now: Science Communication and the Romney 47% Video  - Ilana Yurkiewicz - Study shows gender bias in science is real.

STAFFSeptember 24, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic


Image of the Week #61, September 24th, 2012:
From: M@h*(pOet)?ica Louis Zukofsky s Integral by Bob Grumman at Guest Blog .

September 24, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Friday - Arctic Sea Ice, IgNobels, Tweets In Space, Schizophrenia Drugs, authorship, and more.

- Ramez Naam - Arctic Sea Ice: What, Why, and What Next  - Rachel Schwallier - Looking for a Toilet on Mount Kinabalu  - Jennifer Frazer - Deadly and Delicious Amanitas Can No Longer Decompose  - Hadas Shema - On Authorship, Part I  - Robin Lloyd - SA Biology Blogger Wins L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship  - Scicurious - IgNobel Prize winner in Acoustics: The SpeechJammer.

STAFFSeptember 22, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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