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Nature's climate talks, or is the web a climate savior or climate doom?

[Re-posted from Greenery & Other Fine Things to Look At] You don't have to fly all the way to Bali to participate in some form of climate negotiation, you merely need an avatar and the ability to teleport him, her or it to Second Nature, the Nature journal's archipelago in Second Life...

December 5, 2007 — David Biello

The Choke Factor: How Stereotypes Affect Performance

_____________________ How Stereotypes Shape Performance S. Alexander Haslam, Jessica Salvatore, and Thomas Kessler
University of Exeter, UK Every sports fan has vivid memories of key occasions on which a favorite team or player has 'choked' under pressure...

December 5, 2007 — David Dobbs

How Babies Know What You're Up To (or Not)

How Infants Predict Other People's Behavior Valerie Kuhlmeier and Tania Tzelnic
Queen's University, Kingston, ON
When it comes to watching the actions of others, we all have a little Nostradamus in us...

November 26, 2007 — David Dobbs

Climate change conundrum

Wedged between the IPCC wrapping up its fourth assessment and the Bali negotiations for a "son of Kyoto" (a successor treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions globally), comes the Scientific American climate change series...

November 26, 2007 — David Biello

When Every Face is Like Another

Toward a Neurofunctional Definition of "Face-Blindness"
Alison M. Harris & Geoffrey K. Aguirre University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA In 1947 Dr.

November 19, 2007 — David Dobbs

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