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Man implants "ear" in arm

posted on behalf of news editor Lisa Stein: Well isn't this special. Britain's Daily Mail reports that so-called performance artist Stelios Arcadious, a Cypriot-born Australian, had an ear implanted into his arm...

October 12, 2007 — JR Minkel

German chemist gets $1.5 million birthday present from Nobel committee

Gerhard Ertl turned 71 today. Unfortunately, 71 doesn't typically carry the same cache as some other ages, like 16 (driving a car, at least in the U.S.), 18 (can vote here, can drink pretty much everywhere else), 25 (no more rental car penalties), 50 (AARP card!) and all the other multiples of ten, which ring in new decades...

October 10, 2007 — Nikhil Swaminathan

Like your iPod? Thank this year's physics Nobelists

Getting the average person hooked on physics can pose something of a challenge. Black holes and multiple universes are an easy enough sell, but try the room temperature spin Hall effect on for size and you'll see what I mean...

October 9, 2007 — JR Minkel

Hillary brings up science, but will it stay in play?

Save for the media swarm in the wake of the hand raises by Republican candidates Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo, it appears Hillary Clinton is the first to put science in the spotlight in the race for the White House...

October 8, 2007 — Nikhil Swaminathan

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