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Astronomers may have spotted Mr. Spock's home planet

There really may be a planet Vulcan.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected two asteroid belts around Epsilon Eridani, the planetary system closest to ours and home to Star Trek 's fictitious First Officer Spock, the space agency reported yesterday...

October 28, 2008 — Jordan Lite

I'm really Rosie: Men more amorous toward ladies in red

Listen up, ladies: If you're looking to score, break out that red dress.

Men were more eager to bed women wearing red than those decked out in other colors, according to five studies involving 149 men and 32 women published today in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology ...

October 28, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Osteoporosis drugs up heart risk, study says

Drugs used to slow bone loss from osteoporosis increase the risk of life-threatening irregular heartbeats, according to new research that adds to previous warnings about the medicines.

October 27, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Palin takes on fruit flies--And loses

Amid the hoopla about Sarah Palin's very un-hockey mom $150,000 campaign wardrobe, the Republican veep candidate managed to drop another flammable tidbit that set off the science community,
not to mention the blogosphere...

October 27, 2008 — Lisa Stein

Be like an astronaut: Vote!

Many of us once dreamed of becoming astronauts. But faced with the prospect of attaining an advanced aeronautics degree, enduring g -force training, and, um, drinking recycled urine, most of us opted for more mundane careers...

October 27, 2008 — John Matson

Financial crisis: How will it affect new drug development?

It’s hard to imagine an industry that isn’t affected by the global financial crisis, and science is no exception. The credit crunch will slow the development of new medicines, too, say economists and scientists meeting in London today and tomorrow...

October 27, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Ghostbusters: Are military bases haunted?

Military bases appear to be a popular haunt for wandering spirits, with several attracting the attention of ghost hunters seeking evidence of paranormal activity.

October 27, 2008 — Larry Greenemeier

Death by steamed rice bun: Competitive eater dies

A Taiwanese student vying to become the "Big Stomach King" died after scarfing down two rice- and cheese-filled steamed buns, along with some of his teammates' food—a rare but not unheard-of competitive-eating death...

October 24, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Space telescope glitches may end by tomorrow

The Hubble Space Telescope could start sending photos back to Earth as soon as tomorrow if engineers can fix electrical problems that have prevented the instrument from working fully since the end of last month, NASA officials say...

October 24, 2008 — Jordan Lite

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