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Pet food making people sick

Some 79 people in 21 states have been sickened with a bacterial infection linked to contaminated pet food — the first time human Salmonella enterica illness has been traced to a contaminated animal food plant...

November 6, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Where will Mauna Loa erupt?

It's been nearly 25 years since Mauna Loa, Hawaii's most dangerous volcano, last erupted—but researchers warn that another eruption may be on the horizon.

November 6, 2008 — Christie Nicholson

Mexican "water monster" threatens to vanish

The axolotl —a foot-long amphibian reputed by the Aztecs to be a transformed god (but eaten anyway)—is in danger of disappearing for good, like so many of its fellow amphibians...

November 6, 2008 — David Biello

Bionic hand recognized as top invention

In 1963, a decade before fictional TV astronaut and test pilot Steve Austin—aka "The Six Million Dollar Man"—was fitted with a bionic right arm and legs, researchers at Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, began developing electronic prosthetics to replace missing shoulders, wrists and hands...

November 6, 2008 — Larry Greenemeier

Obama malware on the loose

It sounds like campaign propaganda, but President-elect Barack Obama is a Trojan horse. Obama’s name and purported links to his Election Night acceptance speech have proliferated in malicious software spreading around the World Wide Web since yesterday morning, Internet security firms report...

November 6, 2008 — Jordan Lite

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