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Peak water crisis dominates World Water Week

The world is getting thirstier, and drier. More than 2,500 experts from around the world will discuss the issues facing one of the world's most precious natural resources at World Water Week this week in Stockholm, from the millions of gallons of water hidden inside biofuels to the ongoing scandal of poor sanitation...

August 18, 2008 — David Biello

Bigfoot press conference: An early report

I just got off the phone with Erik Vance, a freelancer covering the Bigfoot press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., for us. We'll be posting his story as soon as we can this afternoon, but here are the highlights: -- The three men claiming they had found Bigfoot -- Matthew Whitton, Rick Dyer , and veteran Bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc...

August 15, 2008 — Ivan Oransky

Texas biologist: Cuero chupacabra is a pit bull

All good cryptid stories come to an end and so it goes with the chupacabra video. Although it is difficult to make a definitive identification from the tape, biologist Scott Henke of Texas A&M University-Kingsville says: "It's a dog for sure."

Since coyotes run a little more gracefully, it's likely to be a bull mastiff or pit bull, or perhaps just a mutt...

August 15, 2008 — David Biello

With gadgets like these to work with, no wonder Julia Child quit the spy game

The National Archives' recent decision to open more than 35,000 official personnel files of men and women who served in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)—the U.S.'s intelligence agency during World War II and the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—has shed new light on the roles that chef Julia Child, actor Sterling Hayden, 1950 Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche and others played during the early days of American espionage...

August 15, 2008 — Larry Greenemeier

Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits theaters today

The latest film in the Star Wars saga is now at multiplexes nationwide, taking moviegoers back to that far, far away galaxy for a fresh dose of epic space battles between cloned soldiers and robotic armies...

August 15, 2008 — Adam Hadhazy

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