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Will DTV transition be delayed?

Lovers of analog TV may get a reprieve from the scheduled February 18 transition to digital television. President-elect Barack Obama wants to delay next month's nationwide transition, arguing that there isn’t enough money to back the program...

January 9, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Can open-heart surgery make you dimmer?

Every year, about half a million Americans undergo open-heart surgery. Roughly 60 percent of them experience some degree of mental decline after the surgery, a phenomenon that surgeons call "pumphead." A new study in this month's Annals of Thoracic Surgery sheds light on possible causes of the mysterious condition, which in some patients is temporary but in others may last a lifetime...

January 9, 2009 — Coco Ballantyne

Don't have a cow, but FDA could approve goat-made medicine

Some consumer groups are bleating over the prospect of a new anti-clotting drug made from genetically modified goats.

An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is meeting today to discuss whether to recommend approval of ATryn, a med made from the milk of goats engineered to produce copious amounts of the blood-thinning protein antithrombin...

January 9, 2009 — Jordan Lite

"Beetle" juice: Is your food bugged?

Warning: if you have a delicate stomach—stop reading this now. Ditto if you're eating.

For you heartier souls out there… A show of hands, please: How many of you know that many common foods and beverages with a blush—think yogurt, ice cream, candies, fruit drinks—get their reddish (pinkish, purplish or orange) glow from carmine and cochineal, colorings extracted from the dried bodies of teensy female cochineal insects, sometimes referred to as cochineal beetles?...

January 9, 2009 — Lisa Stein

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