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Dopamine goggles make the glass half full

When it comes down to it, most humans are pretty optimistic. Yeah, we know the Titanic sank, but our boat is better. We know that driving a car is really pretty dangerous, but we're more careful, it won't happen to us...

February 11, 2013 — Scicurious

#SciAmBlogs Friday - SciAm Cinema, DIY Quantum Entanglement, Solar in China, Brocca's area, Kenyan mesopredators, and more.

- Maria Konnikova - The man who couldn’t speak—and how he revolutionized psychology - melody - Psychiatry by Numbers - George Musser - How to Build Your Own Quantum Entanglement Experiment (Part 1 of 2) - Scott Huler - Still Bringing the Science Crazy in NC - David Wogan - It’s Always Sunny In China - Anne-Marie Hodge - Laikipia Plateau: First Scouting Session - Katie Worth - Step into the Twilight Zone: Day 8 on Mars Time, aka Camping on Mars (Time) - Jennifer Frazer - Mosses With a Real Inferiority Complex - Bora Zivkovic - Bora’s Picks (February 8th, 2013) - Bora Zivkovic - Introducing: SciAm Cinema – the monthly Best Of #SciAmBlogs video! - Bora Zivkovic and Rose Eveleth - Science Studio update – and a new challenge - Carin Bondar - A Feature Film About Atheism – Brought to you by Dawkins and Krauss - Kate Clancy - My response to the Guardian pseudoscience on girls and science - Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Pubic Hair goes Public =======================Conversations on our articles and blog posts often continue on our Facebook page - "Like" it and join in the discussion...

STAFFFebruary 8, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

Laikipia Plateau: First Scouting Session

After a few days spent settling in at the field station—getting oriented with the vehicle (read: learning to drive manual shift on the opposite side of the vehicle from what I’m used to, in a Land Rover on bouncy bush roads), gathering some supplies from town, and doing overall game planning, I finally made it out into the field yesterday.I headed up to the northern part of Mpala with my field assistant, Simon (whose knowledge of this ecosystem is just astounding), to scout out places to set up my mesopredator trapping grid...

February 8, 2013 — Anne-Marie Hodge

Bora's Picks (February 8th, 2013)

Brown eggs and ham: Colorblind children encounter unseen challenges in the classroom by Joss Fong: As a kindergartner at Green Acres Elementary in Lebanon, Ore., William Jeffrey Harding failed a scholastic aptitude test and was placed in special education...

STAFFFebruary 8, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

My response to the Guardian pseudoscience on girls and science

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to those of you who follow on the blog but not on Twitter or Facebook (personal, blog) that Chris Chambers and I have a piece in the Guardian today responding to the recent pseudoscience on why more girls don't pursue science in places like the US and UK: "Pseudoscience and stereotyping won't solve gender inequality in science." Many thanks to Ed Yong for hooking up Chris and me, and to Chris for graciously inviting me to write with him...

February 8, 2013 — Kate Clancy

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