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Death Valley Dreamlapse

Timelapse of the night sky with DSLR photography is the rage these days. Set this to music with an interesting landscape and we have some of the most impressive videos out there on the internet.Gavin Heffernan with Sunchaser Pictures specializes in this type of night sky work...

January 23, 2013 — Joanne Manaster

Action Plan: Making Brain-Controlled Prosthetics That Can Open a Clothespin

Last year a group of researchers at Brown and Harvard universities reported on a study called Braingate, in which a paralyzed woman picked up a container of coffee with a robotic arm and drank from it through a straw, an action directed by electrical signals from her motor cortex.Brain-controlled interfaces have advanced dramatically during the past decade...

STAFFJanuary 23, 2013 — Gary Stix

#SciAmBlogs Tuesday - Climate Change, alpha males, fake Mars mission, Roe vs. Wade, Asteroid Hunter, and more

- Caren Cooper - The Citizen Science of Climate Change: We are not bystanders - Christina Agapakis - Alpha males and “adventurous human females”: gender and synthetic genomics - Ashutosh Jogalekar - Study indicates that scientific fraud may have a male bias and An eternity of infinities: the power and beauty of mathematics - Kelly Oakes - What a fake Mars mission says about our own sleep habits - John R...

STAFFJanuary 22, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

What a fake Mars mission says about our own sleep habits

On 4 November 2011, six men emerged from a windowless capsule based on the site of the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow, Russia. They had been inside their spaceship for 520 days, enough time to (optimistically) go to Mars and back...

January 22, 2013 — Kelly Oakes

Seeking "Higher" Ground: The Dangers of Designer Drugs

Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated with ways to alter consciousness, and have gone to great lengths to reach a "higher" ground. From naturally occurring substances such as opium and betel nuts, to synthetic drugs like LSD, people have long experimented with mind-altering substances...

January 22, 2013 — Harry Leider

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The Essential Guide to the Modern World