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Bizarre Planet Found to Orbit Backward

In the search for planets beyond our solar system, the UK's Wide Area Search for Planets (WASP) has stumbled upon a bizarre-o world that is orbiting its star in reverse. 

"I have to say this is one of the strangest planets we know about," Sara Seager, an astrophysicist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told

August 13, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

Stephen Hawking receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

Stephen Hawking was among the recipients at the White House today when President Barack Obama presented the National Medal of Freedom to 16 “agents of change.” Relatively few scientists win this medal, the highest civilian honor awarded in the U.S., particularly when the science is as removed from everyday life as the theoretical physics of black holes...

August 12, 2009 — Graham P. Collins

Swine flu strikes Amazonian Indians

Swine flu has been reported for the first time in Amazonian Indians, raising fears that the virus will cause more contagion and potential deaths in tribal groups around the world.

August 12, 2009 — Brendan Borrell

GM touts Volt's fuel efficiency--With caveats

General Motors today announced that its Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle, set to begin production in late 2010, is expected to achieve city fuel economy of at least 230 miles per gallon, based on a new U.S...

August 11, 2009 — Larry Greenemeier

Do food stamps lead to obesity?

One out of every nine people now receives food stamps in the U.S. And two thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. A new scientific study links these startling figures and suggests that food stamps may actually be a risk factor for obesity...

August 11, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Camel burgers: Australia plans to shoot 650,000 camels

Here’s a potentially tasty solution to Australia’s invasive species: Eat them.   The Australian government plans to fly in marksmen on helicopters to shoot 650,000 camels and turn them into burgers and other meaty treats, reports the Associated Press...

August 11, 2009 — Brendan Borrell

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