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Do people really walk in circles?

Yes, people really do walk in circles—but only when stripped of important visual clues, such as the sun or moon, according to a paper published online today in Current Biology .

August 20, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

How much is a wolf worth in Idaho? $11.75

Gray wolves have a price tag on their heads in Idaho, and it's a bargain-basement price at that.

Starting Monday, Idaho residents can get wolf-hunting permits for just $11.75 (after purchasing a state hunting license for $12.75, of course)...

August 19, 2009 — John Platt

Next week's space shuttle mission a "go"

NASA has decided to proceed with a shuttle launch to the International Space Station (ISS) next week, having concluded that insulation foam losses from the external fuel tank, which occurred during the two previous shuttle launches, did not pose an unacceptable risk to the upcoming mission...

August 19, 2009 — John Matson

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