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Light traps could make for speedier circuits

We use light to transmit information, using fiber optics. That's great. But it doesn't work as well as it might in confined spaces—say, on a microchip—because it's tough to control, zipping around as it does at the speed of light.

February 20, 2009 — John Matson

NFL players who use steroids have more injuries

Performance-enhancing steroids are the gifts that keep on giving. They help set home-run records and win cycling medals — never mind make for obvious nicknames like the latest instant classic, A-Roid.

February 20, 2009 — Jordan Lite

Are the photos of Borneo's monster snake real?

Grainy images of a large snake in Borneo's Baleh River have some locals afraid the mythical Nabu snake is back. Is Borneo's 100-foot river snake—reported yesterday by London's Telegraph and captured in photographs (one appears to the left) —real?

February 20, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

Forensics labs mostly using unproved science, report says

Fingerprinting and analysis of hair fibers and marks made by weapons are familiar forensic tools to those of us who love crime shows, never mind to criminal defendants on trial and those who say they were wrongly convicted by evidence based on those techniques.

February 19, 2009 — Jordan Lite

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