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Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits theaters today

The latest film in the Star Wars saga is now at multiplexes nationwide, taking moviegoers back to that far, far away galaxy for a fresh dose of epic space battles between cloned soldiers and robotic armies.

August 15, 2008 — Adam Hadhazy

"Great Planet Debate" to revive Pluto planet brouhaha

Many researchers were none too happy when the International Astronomical Union (IAU) voted in 2006 to cast Pluto out from among the planets, demoting it along with similar bodies in the solar system to the status of mere dwarf planets.

August 14, 2008 — JR Minkel

Bigfoot expert weighs in: "I'm extremely skeptical"

A press conference in Palo Alto, Calif. tomorrow is planned to showcase yesterday's bold claim that the remains of a Sasquatch, or bigfoot, have been found in northern Georgia.

August 14, 2008 — Adam Hadhazy

MIT hackers make Massachusetts officials nervous at Defcon

The annual Defcon computer security conference might be relabeled as the Woodstock of corporate paranoia.

It seems like almost every year one or more academic researchers gets in trouble with the law for presenting a paper that corporations contend will result in security breaches that will bring on Armageddon.

August 14, 2008 — Gary Stix

Lightweight aluminum v. a hand grenade, who wins?

Concrete and steel are the materials of choice when building buildings and vehicles that will protect soldiers from enemy fire. But a group of Norwegian researchers are testing another option: lightweight aluminum panels that can be filled with densely packed dirt, gravel, sand or any other nearby substance to provide protection without adding a lot of weight to a military's vehicles or structures, according to a recent report in the Norwegian research magazine Gemini .

August 14, 2008 — Larry Greenemeier

Quantum weirdness wins again: Entanglement clocks in at 10,000+ times faster than light

No matter how many times researchers try, there's just no getting around the weirdness of quantum mechanics.

In the latest attempt, researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland tried to determine whether entanglement—the fact that measuring a property of one particle instantly determines the property of another—is actually transmitted by some wave-like signal that's fast but not infinitely fast.

August 13, 2008 — JR Minkel

Big claim about bigfoot: bogus or bona fide?

Here’s a story that’s leaving a pretty big footprint on the Web: Two people claim to have bagged bigfoot in northern Georgia (the U.S. state, not the at-war Central Asian country).

August 13, 2008 — Adam Hadhazy

Chupacabra strikes Texas town?

Traveling all the way from its point of origin in Puerto Rico, the chupacabra (literally "goat sucker") has now popped up in the Texas town of Cuero.

August 13, 2008 — David Biello

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