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Can sitting too much kill you?

We all know that physical activity is important for good health—regardless of your age, gender or body weight, living an active lifestyle can improve your quality of life and dramatically reduce your risk of death and disease...

January 6, 2011 — Travis Saunders

In the wake of Wakefield: Risk-perception and vaccines

Last May British medical authorities stripped Dr. Andrew Wakefield of his license to practice medicine. In case the name isn’t familiar, Wakefield was the lead author of the 1998 paper published in The Lancet (and later retracted) that set off worldwide fear of vaccines...

January 6, 2011 — David Ropeik


If this doesn’t tug on the heartstrings, at least a little bit, you may not be quite human. As with yesterday’s post, I don’t know where this came from or who wrote it...

January 5, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Copycat catfish evade competition

In the animal kingdom it pays to look more dangerous and less tasty. It also helps if harmful species resemble one another so that predators might "learn" more easily to avoid both...

January 5, 2011 — Katherine Harmon

The Ferret Hunters

Extinction, as any child in elementary school knows, is forever—never again shall we see the likes of the dodo, Tasmanian tiger, or passenger pigeon.

January 5, 2011 — David Manly

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