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The Storytelling of Science

On March 20 th , we attended a surprising event at the recently Arizona State University Origins Project ( @asuORIGINS , Facebook /ASUOriginsProject , ) directed by Lawrence Krauss...

April 22, 2013 — Stephen L. Macknik

#SciAmBlogs Monday - Earth Day, Fred Flintstone, Dinosaurs' exaggerated structures, Serial Creators, Car Ownership, and more.

As usual on Mondays, we have a brand new Image of the Week - check it out!- Kyle Hill - The Physics of Fred Flintstone’s Flaming Feet - Larry Brilliant and William Foege - Lessons from Smallpox Guide Polio Endgame - Ben Thomas - Oliver Sacks Shares Tales of Musical Hallucinations - Darren Naish - Dinosaurs and their ‘exaggerated structures’: species recognition aids, or sexual display devices? - Scicurious - To Calm a Rat with Tickling - Scott Barry Kaufman - Profiling Serial Creators - Krystal D'Costa - Choice, Control, Freedom and Car Ownership - Christina Agapakis - The Structure of Industrial Revolutions - Jennifer Ouellette - An-Ti-Ci-Pa-Tion: The Physics of Dripping Honey and Physics Week in Review: April 20, 2013 - Becky Crew - Bluebelly Night Wanderer Found in Brazilian Blackwater - Lucas Brouwers - How genetic plunder transformed a microbe into a pink, salt-loving scavenger - Samuel Jones - Bush-crow diaries: The mystery of the Abyssinian Pie - Maureen McCarthy - Chimps in Uganda: Uganda’s Other Great Apes - Psi Wavefunction - Alien-looking termite gut denizens at the SF Exploratorium! - David Bressan - Mother Earth - Dana Hunter - Happy Earth Day! - John R...

STAFFApril 22, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

Mushroom Men

Image of the Week #88, April 22th, 2013: From: It Is in Our Nature to Be Self-Deficient by Jag Bhalla at the Guest Blog .

April 22, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

Oliver Sacks Shares Tales of Musical Hallucinations

When the piece first premiered, critics When the piece first premiered, critics called it "repellent," "incomprehensible;" a "confusion." The audience didn't even call for an encore - a slight that threw the piece's composer into a rage...

April 22, 2013 — Ben Thomas

Profiling Serial Creators

Every single day, all across the globe, extraordinarily creative and talented students sit in our classrooms bored out of their minds . These budding innovators may differ drastically in what particular domain captivates their attention, whether it's science and engineering, architecture and design, arts, music and entertainment, business and finance, law, or health care...

April 22, 2013 — Scott Barry Kaufman

To Calm a Rat with Tickling

"for here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling"-Twelfth Night Generally, I don't think of being tickled as a particularly pleasurable or calming activity.

April 22, 2013 — Scicurious

Neuroscience in Fiction: Still Alice , by Lisa Genova

Ed. note: A previous version of this post appeared on Sleights of Mind. “ Everything she did and love , everything she was , required language .”― Lisa Genova, Still Alice Harvard-trained neuroscientist and author Lisa Genova couldn’t get agents or publishers interested in her debut novel Still Alice ...

April 21, 2013 — Susana Martinez-Conde

How Can We Condemn Boston Murders But Excuse U.S. Bombing of Civilians?

Ever since the Boston Marathon bombings Monday, something has been bothering me. I've tried to put it out of my mind, but I can't. So, perhaps unwisely, I'm going to write about it.We Americans are justifiably outraged at the attacks in Boston, which killed three innocent people and injured many more...

April 19, 2013 — John Horgan

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