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Time - and brain chemistry - heal all wounds

I know I'm not physically hurt. Though it feels like I've been kicked in the stomach with steel-toed boots, my abdomen isn't bruised. Spiking cortisol levels are causing my muscles to tense and diverting blood away from my gut, leading to this twisting, gnawing agony that I cannot stop thinking about...

October 24, 2011 — Christie Wilcox

Fly on wall sees things it wishes it hadn't

“Where there are humans,you'll find flies,and Buddhas.”–Kobayashi IssaEach day, in each country, a housefly is born. Lots of houseflies really. Houseflies have been being born around us for thousands of years...

October 24, 2011 — Rob Dunn

A Little Ke$ha for your Monday Morning Music Video

I recently came across the fantastic parody videos done by Jank Media, which represent a great combination of science sass and silliness. I love how our primadonna character walks the subtle line between making fun of herself and being serious about delivering her scientific lyrics...

October 24, 2011 — Carin Bondar

Turning off the Lights Won't Save Oil

Today, more than 80% of the energy used in the United States comes from fossil fuels - specifically from petroleum, natural gas and coal. In the transportation sector, this number is even higher with fossil fuels (almost exclusively petroleum) supplying 97% of the total energy used...

October 24, 2011 — Melissa C. Lott

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