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Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: From Perspective-Taking to Empathy

Last week, I wrote about the importance of perspective-taking. This week, I'd like to continue with one of its close relatives, a state that would indeed be largely impossible without its existence: empathy.Empathy, a concept originally introduced as Einfühlung by Theodore Lipps, is a state that allows us to share in the experiences and mental states of others...

October 25, 2011 — Maria Konnikova

Artsy Kraken

Image of the Week #14, October 24, 2011: From: Science Art Scumble #26 by Glendon Mellow at Symbiartic . Original source: Nobu Tamura After the “Artsy-Kraken” story hit the news the past couple of weeks, scientific illustrator and paleoartist Nobu Tamura sat down and drew this rendition of the ancient cephalopod tagging the ocean midden like a prehistoric Banksy-wannabe...

October 25, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Steve Jobs: A Genius, Yes; A Role Model for the Rest of Us, No Way

The nearly three weeks since Steve Jobs’s death has been like an extended tribute to the first global head of state. The memorial ceremonies worldwide, the special commemorative issues and, today, the release of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs , all bear testament to the Apple founder’s legacy...

October 24, 2011 — Gary Stix

Hungry for Jobs and for Change, Scientists Join the Occupy Movement

Traffic backed up along Baltimore's inner harbor last week as protestors from the "Occupy" movement waved signs and shouted at the passing drivers. And among the protestors were scientists and science students, unhappy with their job prospects, their funding prospects, and the way science is viewed in America.I had heard about the protests on the news, and hadn't paid too much attention...

October 24, 2011 — Marc Kuchner

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